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Mirabella Plunkett (b. 1839) was a witch, famous for falling in love with a merman. After she was forbidden to marry him, she transfigured herself into a haddock and was never seen again. She was featured on a Chocolate Frog Card and on a portrait hung at Hogwarts Castle.


Early life

Ms. Plunkett was born in the year 1839 under a pure-blood or half-blood family.[1]

Holidaying in Loch Lomond

At some point in her life, she travelled to Loch Lomond on holiday. During this holiday, the witch met a merman and, eventually, fell in love with him. The feelings were most likely reciprocated by the merman.[3]

Planning to marry

Mirabella was more and more in love with the merman. They decided to marry, to Mirabella's family displeasure. They were opposed to the whole marriage and, as Mirabella did not listen to them, they eventually forbid Mirabella to marry the merman. She became distraught.

Turning into a haddock

Her family did not back away with their ban on the marriage. Upset, Mirabella transfigured herself into a haddock and was never seen again. It's unknown if she ever returned to her merman lover once in her haddock form.


After her disappearance, Mirabella was not forgotten; she was included in the Chocolate Frog Cards collection. Also, there was a portrait of her hung at Hogwarts Castle, guarding a secret shortcut between the first-floor landing of the Grand Staircase and the Entrance Hall side room. The password required to gain access to said shortcut was Haddock.[4]


The name "Mirabella" is derived from Latin mirabilis, "wonderful".


Notes and references

  1. 1.0 1.1 Her family forbade her to marry the merman. If they were Muggles, they wouldn't be called upon such magical matters.
  2. She is most likely an animagus, but she might as well transfigured herself into a haddock, causing her to start thinking like a haddock and lose the ability to reason as a human.
  3. Seen as they decided to marry. There is, however, a small chance Mirabella wanted to marry against the merman's will
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