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"The sleepy female Muggle communicated, via a machine called Telephone, the Muggle Crime Watchers Hotline, and immediately the Ministry of Magic Witch Watchers was informed."
Sirius Black Sighted, by E. Limus[src]

The Ministry of Magic Witch Watchers are a special Ministry of Magic force that presumably is stationed at strategical places in search of fugitive criminals. [1]


Sirius Black

"Minister Cornelius Fudge was taken by surprise and sent hundreds of Witch Watcher Special Forces to the Village, but when they arrived there he was gone."
Sirius Black Sighted, by E. Limus[src]

When Sirius Black was on the run in 1993, he was sighted in Dufftown by a sleepy Muggle woman. This woman alerted the Crime Watchers Hotline and the Ministry of Magic was duly informed. Taken by surprise and in a desperate measure to seize Black, Minister Cornelius Fudge ordered hundreds of Witch Watcher Special Forces to the village. The Ministry's attempt to catch Black was unsuccessful, however, as he had already left Dufftown when the Witch Watchers arrived. [1]


Notes and references

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