A Ministry of Magic Identity Card was a small card used to authenticate the identity of the various employees at the British Ministry of Magic. Use of the cards was made compulsory by Minister Pius Thicknesse in 1997;[1] whether they existed before that is unknown.

The card includes such information as a photograph, basic biographical information (such as height, weight, and date of birth), a set of fingerprints, and the owner's signature. Identity Cards were issued under regulation EALF — MOFMAGIC — 94/MPNC — 240274(CRU) — MM — LCAW and validated by the holder's Ministerial Superior as well as another Ministry official (Ministry Official No. 39423, in the case of Mafalda Hopkirk).[2]

Hermione Granger was able to identify Mafalda Hopkirk, whose likeness she was assuming via Polyjuice Potion to infiltrate the Ministry, by the Identity Card on her person. Albert Runcorn apparently did not carry an ID or had forgotten it the day of the infiltration, as Harry Potter was unaware of who he was impersonating until being addressed as Runcorn.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • The text on the card indicates that owners are not permitted to access other Ministry departments other than the one they work in and that a Ministry worker cannot discuss what they see at work outside of the Ministry. The former provision cannot be considered canon, as instances of Ministry workers going to different departments are seen several times (such as when Mafalda Hopkirk accompanies Dolores Umbridge to conduct the trials on Muggle-borns). The latter provision may also not be canon, as Arthur Weasley discussed many aspects of his work life at home; however, this may merely be a new provision set up after the Fall of the Ministry of Magic.


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