Ministry Decree Number One

"Magic at work. Your patience is requested."
—The Decree[src]

Ministry Decree Number One was a decree passed by the British Ministry of Magic, sometime in or prior to the 1990s. The Decree was made in a similar fashion to the Educational Decrees, being referred to under Decree Number 157 of 1924 and subject to the approval of the Very Important Members of Section M.I. Trx. The Decree stated that magic was at work, and requested patience from those in the vicinity.

Official posters stating the text of this decree could be found around Hogsmeade in the 1990s.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In reality, the posters stating Ministry Decree Number One were placed up in reference to the fact that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, was, at the time that they were displayed, still under construction.


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