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Minister for Magic and Support Staff

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"Level one, Minister for Magic and Support Staff."
—The lift announcement at the British Ministry.[src]

Minister for Magic and Support Staff is a department of the Ministry of Magic located on Level One of the Ministry. It is comprised of the Minister for Magic, the highest position in the Ministry, and his staff, which assist in the daily administration of the wizarding world in Great Britain. These wizards and witch hold positions of distinction with direct access to the Minister. Thus, it is likely that these positions are high in the hierarchy of the Ministry and are separate from the chain of command that runs from the Minister through the Heads of Department to the average Ministry employee.

Known offices

Behind the scenes

  • The Minister's support staff appear to be comparable to the Executive Office of the President in the United States government.
  • In the film adaption, if you turn on the subtitles, it says: Minister of Magic and support staff. The change from book to film is the use of the word 'of' in Minister of Magic, despite all other films refering to it as Minister 'for' Magic, and the use of non-capitalized letters, as in support staff.


Minister for Magic and Support Staff
Ministry of magic logo
Minister for Magic:
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Advisor to the Minister for Magic
Cornelius Fudge
Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic:
Dolores Umbridge
Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic:
Percy Weasley
Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission
(1997 to 1998 only)
Dolores Umbridge
Others: Eduardus Limus (Exotic Symbol Analyst) • Mdme. Miraforum (Quill Control & Rune Translation) • Loretta Fieldwake (Special Advisor for Elf Legislation)

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