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Minister for Magic Support Staff official
Minister for Magic Support Staff official
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Pure-blood or Half-blood[1]

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Ministry of Magic Official


Ministry of Magic

"All right, all right! Let's calm down, shall we? Let's get back to work, please. Calm down."
—This individual calms the Ministry of Magic pamphlet makers after Harry Potter releases a bunch of Decoy Detonators.[src]

This individual was a Ministry of Magic Official after the Fall of the Ministry of Magic. On 2 September, 1997, he calmed the Ministry pamphlet makers down after Harry Potter released a bunch of Decoy Detonators in order to distract them and gain entrance to Dolores Umbridge's office.[2]

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Notes and references

  1. As he was working at such high station at the Ministry during Voldemort's rule, it is higly unlikely he was Muggle-born.
  2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - Chapter 12 (Secret Files)

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