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Several Ministers in recent times, from left to right: Cornelius Fudge (1990-1996), Rufus Scrimgeour (1996-1997), Pius Thicknesse (1997-1998), and Kingsley Shacklebolt (1998-Present)

The Minister for Magic is the leader of the wizarding world in the United Kingdom and the highest ranking member of the Ministry of Magic, which they control. The position somewhat corresponds to the Prime Minister of British Muggles.

The Minister is advised on wizarding matters by their staff members and by the other Heads of Departments. They also chair the Wizengamot to pass Wizarding Laws, or to hear important trials (such as Harry Potter's case), though the verdict is decided by a panel of jury, including the Minister themself. Many other wizarding countries also have Ministers and have the similar governmental systems such as the Bulgarian minister.


Albus Dumbledore was offered, but refused, the position on at least three occasions.

After Millicent Bagnold, Barty Crouch Sr. was the next prime candidate due to his cruel but effective methods of combatting the Dark Arts during the First Wizarding War, until he sentenced his son to Azkaban for being a Death Eater, which lead to a drop in his popularity, causing him to lose out to Fudge.

Cornelius Fudge was Minister from 1990 until 1996, when he was replaced by Rufus Scrimgeour. After Scrimgeour's death in August of 1997, Pius Thicknesse was appointed as Minister, though he was really only Voldemort's puppet, and at the end of the war Kingsley Shacklebolt was appointed Minister.

Known Ministers for Magic

18th century

Grogan Stump

Grogan Stump

19th century

20th century

Unknown period


Kingsley ShackleboltPius ThicknesseRufus ScrimgeourCornelius FudgeMillicent BagnoldBritish Ministry of MagicNobby LeachBritish Ministry of MagicFaris SpavinBritish Ministry of MagicEvangeline OrpingtonBritish Ministry of MagicOttaline GambolBritish Ministry of MagicGrogan StumpArtemisia LufkinUnctuous Osbert

Relationship to the Muggle Prime Minister

One of the Minister for Magic's duties is to correspond with the British Prime Minister of Muggles of any ongoing events in the wizarding world that will or may affect the United Kingdom as a whole, e.g. Lord Voldemort's return, or introduce themselves to the Muggle Prime Minister, should there be a change in office on either side.

A small portrait in the corner of the Prime Minister's office serves as an envoy between the two Ministers. It announces the arrival of the Minister for Magic, seeking the Prime Minister's reply (usually aquiescence to the unavoidable). It is believed that a Permanent Sticking Charm must have been placed on the portrait, for neither the Prime Minister nor his experts were able to remove it from its location.

Known correspondences


The incumbent, Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Sometime between 1990 and 1993, Fudge showed up to introduce himself to the newly elected Muggle Prime Minister. He also informed him of the existence of the magical population living among Muggles in secret, and assured him that he would not bother the Prime Minister unless it was something of great importance. He also claimed the previous Prime Minister tried to throw him out of the window, believing Fudge's presence to be a sabotage attempt.

In around July 1993, Fudge showed up in the Prime Minister's office again, to inform him of Sirius Black's breakout from Azkaban, the wizard prison. He also told the story of Lord Voldemort, in order to allow the Prime Minister to have an in depth understanding of what was going on, though as he dared not say the name out loud, he instead scribbled it on a piece of paper.

In August 1994, Fudge turned up to report on the fiasco at the Quidditch World Cup, since its victims included Muggles. He also informed a bewildered Prime Minister that they would be importing dragons and a sphinx into Great Britain for the Triwizard Tournament, as part of the procedure (who possibly had no idea what Fudge was talking about).

Sometime prior to July 1996, a flustered Fudge appeared in the Prime Minister's office briefly to inform him that there had been a mass breakout from Azkaban, the wizard prison.

Around July 1996, Fudge turned up and announced to the Prime Minister that the Second Wizarding War had begun, and that the Dark forces in their community were responsible for the various gloomy events occurring in the Muggle world. In addition, Fudge introduced his successor, Rufus Scrimgeour.

When Lord Voldemort took over the Ministry of Magic, it was likely that the the puppet Minister Pius Thicknesse was not sent to meet the Muggle Minister, as was the tradition in the past, due to the Death Eaters' attitudes towards Muggles and Muggle-borns. However, once Kingsley Shacklebolt was appointed Minister in 1998, it is likely that he did meet with the Prime Minister to not only introduce himself (indeed, he had been put in as secretary to the Prime Minister in 1996 to watch over his security[3]) but to assure the Muggle Minister that the war had ended.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the American editions, the Minister is called the Minister of Magic.
  • Since Kingsley's appointment as the next Minister for Magic is omitted from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, there is no mention of who is appointed to that position after the final battle.
  • In the films, both Minister of Magic and Minister for Magic seem to be acceptable, as different characters call it different names. For example, in Deathly Hallows: Part 1, when Scrimgeour arrives at The Burrow, George wonders what the Minister of Magic is doing there; likewise, when Kingsley's Patronus interrupts the wedding, he calls the Minister the same thing. However, when Pius Thicknesse gives his speech later in the film, he calls himself the Minister for Magic. The reason behind this is unknown.

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Minister for Magic of Great Britain
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