The Minister for Magic's office is the section of the British Ministry of Magic Headquarters where the current Minister for Magic conducts business. It is located on Level 1, Minister for Magic and Support Staff.


Harry Potter: "Why wasn't he waiting outside Fudge's office if they've got business to do together? What was he doing down here?"
Arthur Weasley: "Trying to sneak down to the courtroom if you ask me. Trying to find out whether you'd been expelled or not."
— Harry Potter and Arthur Weasley[src]

On 12 August, 1995, Lucius Malfoy had a meeting with current Minister Cornelius Fudge in his office. He waited for Fudge just outside the Department of Mysteries, as Fudge was, at the time, in the nearby Courtroom Ten presiding over the disciplinary hearing of Harry Potter. Harry Potter privately wondered why Malfoy did not simply wait outside the Minister's office for him. Though Arthur Weasley told Harry he figured Malfoy was trying to sneak into the trial, it is most likely he believed Malfoy was scouting the Department of Mysteries for Voldemort.[1]

In January of 1996, Fudge gave an interview to the Daily Prophet in his office regarding the recent mass breakout from Azkaban. In this interview, he dicussed his belief that the breakout was masterminded by Sirius Black. Said interview was later published as part of the article MASS BREAKOUT FROM AZKABAN.[2]

In 2022, Hermione Granger had bewitched her collective library in the Minister for Magic office to suck an individual into it when picking up a book. The individual had to defuse the riddle to allow the library to open the book which hid the illegal Time-Turner.


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