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A portion of a map cropped to show the Midwest

The Midwest (also called the Middle West[1][2]) was a region of the United States, which comprised the north-central portion of the country, including many states in Great Lakes and Great Plains regions.[3]


Mary Lou Barebone, the founder of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, was originally from the Midwest.[4]

The Chicago-based Midwest Association of Warlocks and Witches was reported in the 6 December 1926 issue of The New York Ghost to have recently questioned the Magical Congress of the United States of America on defence.[5]

In the 6 December 1926 issue of the New York Chronicle, it was reported that members of the Republican Party from the Midwest opposed the Ship Subsidy Bill supported by No-Maj President Warren G. Harding, himself a Republican.[1][2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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