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Ron: "Which one was Michael Corner?"
Hermione: "The dark one."
Ron: "I didn't like him."
Hermione: "Big surprise."
Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger[src]

Michael Corner was a Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potter's year. He was friends with house mates Terry Boot and Anthony Goldstein, and with them, joined Dumbledore's Army in his fifth year. That year, Michael also dated Ginny Weasley, though she dumped him by the end of the school year, after which Michael dated Cho Chang. In his seventh year, Michael rejoined the D.A. and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts.


Education at Hogwarts

Early years

Michael Corner started his education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the same time as famous wizard, Harry Potter (in 1991). Michael was sorted into the house Ravenclaw upon his arrival at Hogwarts. Michael would have shared a few classes with Harry Potter but as he was in a different house the two didn't really get to know each other too well.

Fourth year

"Ginny used to fancy Harry, but she gave up on him months ago"
—Hermione discusses Ginny's feelings[src]

In 1994 Hogwarts was host to the Triwizard Tournament. As part of the traditions the Yule Ball was held and it was here that Michael first met Ginny Weasley, a Gryffindor in the year below himself. Ginny Weasley had recently gotten over her crush on Harry Potter and eventually towards the end of July 1995, the two began dating after becoming more friendly with one another at the ball. Ginny's brother, Ron Weasley, didn't find out about their relationship until a few months after it began and it was likely the two kept it quiet as he would disapprove. However, Hermione Granger apparently had known about the relationship for some time before Ron's discovery. After finding out the two were dating Ron would frequently question Michael's intelligence, something Ravenclaws pride themselves on. At the end of the school year Cedric Diggory, boyfriend of fellow Ravenclaw student Cho Chang, was tragically murdered and Lord Voldemort returned to power. These claims were not widely believed and Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was slated.

Fifth year

ed Harry and Ron that Michael was only present because Ginny attended and goes on to tell the two about their relationship.

Ron: "Michael - but - but you were going out with him!"
Ginny: "Not any more. He didn't like Gryffindor beating Ravenclaw at Quidditch and got really sulky, so I ditched him and he ran off to comfort Cho instead."
Ginny Weasley on her break-up with Michael in 1996[src]

Also that year, Ginny had replaced Harry on the Gryffindor Quidditch team when he was permanently banned by Umbridge. After Gryffindor beat Ravenclaw in the Quidditch Final, Michael expressed his displeasure of the result and the relationship ended; she later called him a "bad loser". Michael soon began dating Harry's recent ex-girlfriend, the Seekeaving the help of the 'Half-Blood Prince'. At the end of the academic year a battle broke out in the castle and Dr from his own team, Cho Chang. Michael had expressed interest in how Cho's boyfriend had been killed last year and it is possible the two talked about the sensitive issue and sought comfort in one another. At the end[2] of the school year Lord Voldemort's return was publicly declared and the Second Wizarding War broke out.[3]

Sixth year

Michael was intel

  • Potioneer: Michael Corner was a capable potioneer, as he was one of four Ravenclaw students in his year to continue onto N.E.W.T. Potions. He must have earned either an Outstanding or an Exceeds Expectations in his Potions O.W.L.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: Michael Corner was a member of the D.A. and being so he must have mastered some defensive and offensive spells.


The name "Michael" is from the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning "who is like God?". This is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like God. Saint Michael was one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament he is portrayed as the leader of heaven's armies, and thus is considered the patron saint of soldiers.

Behind the scenes


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Notes and references

  1. In Deathly Hallows, Ch. 29, Michael was hiding out in the Room of Requirement with Dumbledore's Army before the members Neville summoned from outside the school began to arrive. This means he attended Hogwarts during the 1997-1998 school year, and must have been either half-blood or pure-blood, as Muggle-borns were banned from the school under the Voldemort regime. His blood status is given as half-blood on the student list shown by J. K. Rowling on Harry Potter and Me.
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