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Meteolojinx Recanto

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Arthur Weasley: "Yes, a lot of offices have been raining lately. Did you try meteolojinx recanto? It worked for Bletchley."
Ron (disguised as Reginald Cattermole): "Meteolojinx recanto? No, I didn't. Thanks, D-I mean, thanks, Arthur."
— Arthur Weasley recommending the spell to who he believes is Reginald Cattermole[src]

Meteolojinx Recanto is a spell that presumably causes weather effects caused by Weather-Modifying Charms such as the Atmospheric Charm to cease.

Known uses


The incantation for this spell is likely derived from meteorology, the study of weather, which originates from the Greek word metéōron, "high in the sky", as well as the English verb recant (from the Latin recantare, of which the first person singular present indicative active is recanto), "to withdraw or retract"[1].

Meteolojinx Recanto

Barty Crouch Jr. (as Alastor Moody) casting a weather-dispelling charm at the Enchanted Ceiling, possibly Meteolojinx Recanto

Behind the scenes


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