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One of the Merpeople of Hogwarts Lake (Concept Artwork)

One of the Merpeople

Mermish is the native language of the Merpeople, a group of sentient mermaids native to Greece.


Mermish is a curious language that is specifically adapted for use underwater. When underwater it sounds much like English, or perhaps even like any other language (Harry Potter is the only one who is personally shown in the books to hear the merpeople); however, out of water the language changes to a screeching, harsh and raspy sound.

Mermish also has a written form, as it was one of the seventy-two languages that Miranda Goshawk's Book of Spells was published in.


It is unknown whether non-merpeople who can speak mermish sound the same as merpeople underwater i.e. whether or not they retain an accent (though they probably do) though it is known that non-merpeople can speak it. Dylan Marwood and Albus Dumbledore were known non-Merperson speakers, and Percy Weasley claimed that Barty Crouch Snr could also speak it.


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