"The Mending Charm will repair broken objects with a flick of the wand. Accidents do happen, so it is essential to know how to mend our errors."
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The Mending Charm,[1] also known as the Repairing Charm[2] (Reparo), is a charm that can be used to seamlessly repair a broken object and works on most materials. This useful charm was invented by Orabella Nuttley, in or before 1754.


The charm was invented by Orabella Nuttley, an employee of the Improper Use of Magic Office in the British Ministry of Magic, in or before 1754. She used her charm to repair the Colosseum after it had been accidentally destroyed. Thereafter, it became famous; this instance was recorded in Book of Spells, by Miranda Goshawk.[2]

There are various textbooks containing instructions for this spell, including The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1[1], although there is still a spellbook designated entirely to the teaching of this charm[3]. Due to its being a level one spell, it is likely taught in the first year.


The Mending Charm is effective at repairing most materials.[2] However, damage caused by certain rare, powerful curses such as Fiendfyre are impossible to undo.[2]

Mending charm1

The Mending charm's effects

The charm was suitable for use only on inanimate objects.[2] Use on living beings was entirely proscribed.[2] Serious scarring could result if it were cast on a person or animal in an attempt to heal wounds.[2]

While a properly cast Mending Charm was generally enough to fix an object, it seems less experienced casters might not succeed in returning liquids to broken containers.[4]

This charm does not seem to work on objects of powerful and complex magic, such as Vanishing Cabinets and wands. Draco Malfoy proved the former by having spent almost an entire school year to repair the damaged cabinet through other means, due to the complexity of the magical passage. For snapped wands, although this charm can repair the physical form, the magical capacity would be damaged beyond repair, causing the wand in question to fall apart again upon attempted use; the sole exception goes to the Elder Wand which repaired Harry's wand, due to the strength and magnitude of the Elder Wand.

Known uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Orabella Nuttley 1754 Nuttley invented this spell and in or around 1754 she stepped forward and fixed several columns with the Mending Charm she had invented. Preventing a breach of the Statute of Secrecy.
Newt Scamander 6 December 1926 Newt Scamander repaired Jacob Kowalski's apartment using this charm after several fantastic beasts escaped from his magical case and broke up his belongings and blasted through a wall.
American Aurors 7 December, 1926 After an Obscurial went on a path of destruction through New York City in the 1920s, Aurors walked the streets using this charm to restore buildings.
Bill Weasley August, 1994 Bill used to repair the table leg a couple days before the World Cup.
Percy Weasley 25 August, 1994 Percy used to repair his glasses when he bowed just a little bit too low when greeting the Minister for Magic
Hermione Granger 1 September, 1994 Hermione cast this spell to repair the broken glass in the door to a railway carriage compartment.
30 May, 1996 Hermione used this to repair a teacup that Ronald Weasley had broken during a Transfiguration class.
25 December, 1997 The spell didn't work using Hermione's wand to repair Harry's broken wand.
10 March, 1997 Hermione repaired a set of scales broken in the corridor outside the Room of Requirement.
Harry Potter 10 September, 1995 Harry used this to fix the china bowl of Murtlap Essence he'd knocked to the floor. The spell couldn't put the liquid back in the repaired bowl.
14 September, 1996 After cutting the covers off the old and new Potions textbooks in his possession and swapping them, Harry 'repaired' the two swapped covers simultaneously by tapping each.
Fall 1996 Harry used this to repair a bowl he had broken in Herbology.
2 May, 1998 Harry cast this spell with the Elder Wand to repair his own broken one, which worked due to the power the Elder Wand possesses.
Minerva McGonagall May, 1993 McGonagall used what is very likely this spell to restore the leg of Neville's desk, which he had accidentally vanished.
Severus Snape Winter 1996 Snape used this spell to repair a shattered jar in his office during Occlumency lessons.
Horace Slughorn 12 July, 1996 Horace Slughorn and Albus Dumbledore seem to have cast this spell nonverbally (and in a masterly way) to undo the damage Slughorn had inflicted upon his borrowed living quarters in Budleigh Babberton.
Albus Dumbledore
Bob Ogden 1920s Tiberius Ogden used the spell to repair a pot that Merope Gaunt had broken. Her father was infuriated that Ogden would interfere.
Rubeus Hagrid 27 July, 1997 Hagrid attempted to use this to keep the sidecar attached to the flying motorbike, but it didn't work.
Mathilda Grimblehawk's partner Unknown This spells is used many times to repair various clues found during investigations

Known practitioners


Two similar spells exist: Oculus Reparo, which is used to repair eyeglasses, and Papyrus Reparo, which can be used to restore torn pieces of paper.[10][11] Their history and relationship to the original Mending Charm - apart from the etymology and effects - are unknown.

It is also possible that these incantations are just the Mending Charm with the appropriate spell modifier added.


From Latin reparo, meaning "to renew" or "repair".[12]

Behind the scenes

  • A variation of this spell is the first verbal spell cast in the film series (Oculus Reparo) while the Mending Charm itself was the last spell cast in the book series.[6]
  • In the video games, this spell is either blue, violet or pink depending on the game.
  • In many portrayals, the spell can cause entire areas of broken objects to be restored, reverse any damage and displacement, even levitating fallen objects back into their original place (such as books being put back in their shelves). It is similar to reversing time on broken objects to undo the damage.
  • The spell is used repeatedly in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, first with Newt reversing the massive wreckage in and around Jacob Kowalski's two story apartment to make the apartment's broken wall and even a damaged lamppost outside come back into place. He attempted to use the spell again at the Central Park Zoo to reverse the damage done by his Erumpent, though his wand was briefly taken by an escaped baboon. In the aftermath of Credence Barebone's rampage on New York, several Aurors are shown around the city reversing the destruction as the Thunderbird, Frank, flew around the city with a vial of Swooping Evil venom, which was diluted through a storm he conjured to wipe all No-Majs of the memories of the devastation.


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