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Mediterranean Sea

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Mediterranean Sea
Location information

Between Europe and Africa

Permanent residents

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea that runs between Europe and Africa. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow channel called the Strait of Gibraltar.[1]

Flora and fauna

Magical creatures which lived in the Mediterranean Sea included the hippocampus, the sea serpent, and merpeople. The merpeople found off Greece were the first to be mentioned in historical records and were called sirens. They, along with merpeople from other warm-water regions, were noted for their physical beauty, and inspired the popular depiction of the species in Muggle art and literature.[2]

Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean was a book that covered the sea's native flora. One species it discussed was gillyweed, which caused a person to grow gills and webbing between their feet when eaten, allowing them to breath underwater and swim more easily.[3]


Notes and references

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