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/* tooltips and access keys */
ta = new Object();
ta['pt-userpage'] = new Array('.','My user page');
ta['pt-anonuserpage'] = new Array('.','The user page for the ip you\'re editing as');
ta['pt-mytalk'] = new Array('n','My talk page');
ta['pt-anontalk'] = new Array('n','Discussion about edits from this ip address');
ta['pt-preferences'] = new Array('','My preferences');
ta['pt-watchlist'] = new Array('l','The list of pages you\'re monitoring for changes.');
ta['pt-mycontris'] = new Array('y','List of my contributions');
ta['pt-login'] = new Array('o','You are encouraged to log in, it is not mandatory however.');
ta['pt-anonlogin'] = new Array('o','You are encouraged to log in, it is not mandatory however.');
ta['pt-logout'] = new Array('o','Log out');
ta['ca-talk'] = new Array('t','Discussion about the content page');
ta['ca-edit'] = new Array('e','You can edit this page. Please use the preview button before saving.');
ta['ca-addsection'] = new Array('+','Add a comment to this discussion.');
ta['ca-viewsource'] = new Array('e','This page is protected. You can view its source.');
ta['ca-history'] = new Array('h','Past versions of this page.');
ta['ca-protect'] = new Array('=','Protect this page');
ta['ca-delete'] = new Array('d','Delete this page');
ta['ca-undelete'] = new Array('d','Restore the edits done to this page before it was deleted');
ta['ca-move'] = new Array('m','Move this page');
ta['ca-watch'] = new Array('w','Add this page to your watchlist');
ta['ca-unwatch'] = new Array('w','Remove this page from your watchlist');
ta['search'] = new Array('f','Search this wiki');
ta['p-logo'] = new Array('','Main Page');
ta['n-mainpage'] = new Array('z','Visit the Main Page');
ta['n-portal'] = new Array('','About the project, what you can do, where to find things');
ta['n-currentevents'] = new Array('','Find background information on current events');
ta['n-recentchanges'] = new Array('r','The list of recent changes in the wiki.');
ta['n-randompage'] = new Array('x','Load a random page');
ta['n-help'] = new Array('','The place to find out.');
ta['n-sitesupport'] = new Array('','Support us');
ta['t-whatlinkshere'] = new Array('j','List of all wiki pages that link here');
ta['t-recentchangeslinked'] = new Array('k','Recent changes in pages linked from this page');
ta['feed-rss'] = new Array('','RSS feed for this page');
ta['feed-atom'] = new Array('','Atom feed for this page');
ta['t-contributions'] = new Array('','View the list of contributions of this user');
ta['t-emailuser'] = new Array('','Send a mail to this user');
ta['t-upload'] = new Array('u','Upload images or media files');
ta['t-specialpages'] = new Array('q','List of all special pages');
ta['ca-nstab-main'] = new Array('c','View the content page');
ta['ca-nstab-user'] = new Array('c','View the user page');
ta['ca-nstab-media'] = new Array('c','View the media page');
ta['ca-nstab-special'] = new Array('','This is a special page, you can\'t edit the page itself.');
ta['ca-nstab-project'] = new Array('a','View the project page');
ta['ca-nstab-image'] = new Array('c','View the image page');
ta['ca-nstab-mediawiki'] = new Array('c','View the system message');
ta['ca-nstab-template'] = new Array('c','View the template');
ta['ca-nstab-help'] = new Array('c','View the help page');
ta['ca-nstab-category'] = new Array('c','View the category page');
// ============================================================
// BEGIN Dynamic Navigation Bars (experimantal)
// set up the words in your language
var NavigationBarHide = '[ Hide ]';
var NavigationBarShow = '[ Show ]';
// set up max count of Navigation Bars on page,
// if there are more, all will be hidden
// NavigationBarShowDefault = 0; // all bars will be hidden
// NavigationBarShowDefault = 1; // on pages with more than 1 bar all bars will be hidden
var NavigationBarShowDefault = 1;
// shows and hides content and picture (if available) of navigation bars
// Parameters:
//     indexNavigationBar: the index of navigation bar to be toggled
function toggleNavigationBar(indexNavigationBar)
    var NavToggle = document.getElementById("NavToggle" + indexNavigationBar);
    var NavFrame = document.getElementById("NavFrame" + indexNavigationBar);
    if (!NavFrame || !NavToggle) {
        return false;
    // if shown now
    if ( == NavigationBarHide) {
        for (
                var NavChild = NavFrame.firstChild;
                NavChild != null;
                NavChild = NavChild.nextSibling
            ) {
            if (NavChild.className == 'NavPic') {
       = 'none';
            if (NavChild.className == 'NavContent') {
       = 'none';
        } = NavigationBarShow;
    // if hidden now
    } else if ( == NavigationBarShow) {
        for (
                var NavChild = NavFrame.firstChild;
                NavChild != null;
                NavChild = NavChild.nextSibling
            ) {
            if (NavChild.className == 'NavPic') {
       = 'block';
            if (NavChild.className == 'NavContent') {
       = 'block';
        } = NavigationBarHide;
// adds show/hide-button to navigation bars
function createNavigationBarToggleButton()
    var indexNavigationBar = 0;
    // iterate over all < div >-elements
            var i=0; 
            NavFrame = document.getElementsByTagName("div")[i]; 
        ) {
        // if found a navigation bar
        if (NavFrame.className == "NavFrame") {
            var NavToggle = document.createElement("a");
            NavToggle.className = 'NavToggle';
            NavToggle.setAttribute('id', 'NavToggle' + indexNavigationBar);
            NavToggle.setAttribute('href', 'javascript:toggleNavigationBar(' + indexNavigationBar + ');');
            var NavToggleText = document.createTextNode(NavigationBarHide);
            // Find the NavHead and attach the toggle link (Must be this complicated because Moz's firstChild handling is borked)
              var j=0; 
              j < NavFrame.childNodes.length; 
            ) {
              if (NavFrame.childNodes[j].className == "NavHead") {
            NavFrame.setAttribute('id', 'NavFrame' + indexNavigationBar);
    // if more Navigation Bars found than Default: hide all
    if (NavigationBarShowDefault < indexNavigationBar) {
                var i=1; 
        ) {
// END Dynamic Navigation Bars
// ============================================================
function addLoadEvent(func) 
  if (window.addEventListener) 
    window.addEventListener("load", func, false);
  else if (window.attachEvent) 
    window.attachEvent("onload", func);

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