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MacKinnon family
Family heritage
Blood status

Wizarding family of unknown degree

Notable family members

Marlene MacKinnon


Possibly extinct


Order of the Phoenix

MacKinnon is the surname of a wizarding family. It is unknown if they were pure-blood or had both magical and Muggle heritage.

The MacKinnons were slaughtered by Death Eaters at the height of the First Wizarding War, as they were connected to the Order of the Phoenix[1]. According to Igor Karkaroff, Travers was among those involved[2]. The only known member of this family is the late Marlene MacKinnon, who was a member of the Order.

When Lily Potter heard of their deaths, she cried all night.


MacKinnon is a surname of Scottish origin, anglicised from the Gaelic Mac Fhionghuin, which means "fair born" or "fair son", and can also be translated as "love".[3]

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