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A Matron (also known as a nurse) is a person that either leads a hospital or an orphanage. The hospital matron's job is to monitor the health, heal the wounded and direct the other nurse. The witch matron's uniform is different from that of the other healers because the matron wears a nurse's belt and a broach on her collar, whereas other healers do not. The orphanage matron is to take care of children and direct the others.

Hospital Matron

Copia de 4

Poppy Pomfrey, Hogwarts Matron in the 1990s

Hogwarts School

Poppy Pomfrey

Madam Poppy Pomfrey is the matron at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Hospital wing. Her job is to be monitor all health at Hogwarts, heal the wounded, direct the other Healers and make health potions and ointments. Madam Pomfrey is a very strict woman and does not tolerate too many visitors to the wounded person and insists to have them in the hospital wing until they are completely fresh and strong.

Orphanage Matron

Wool's Orphanage



Cole, Wool's Orphanage matron in the 1930s

Mrs Cole was the matron at Wool's Orphanage in the 1930s. Her job was to take care of the children and direct the others. She is not very strict but cares much about the children.


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