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Mary Cattermole's father

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"...there are few pure-blood families to whom I am not related.... A pity.... that the same cannot be said for you. ‘Parents professions: greengrocers’."
Dolores Umbridge during Mary Cattermole's trial[src]

The father of Mary Cattermole was a Muggle greengrocer, as was his wife.

Their daughter was a Muggle-born witch who eventually married Reginald Cattermole and had three children. Her blood status caused her trial with the Muggle-Born Registration Commission in 1997, when Lord Voldemort infiltrated the Ministry of Magic. On her questionnaire, she mentioned her parents' professions. Fortunately, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley,[1] who were all in disguise, saved Mary from going to prison and advised her to flee the country.


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