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A box that may have been marked with the mark of Merlin

The mark of Merlin was a "mysterious rune" that the wizard used to mark his possessions.

Behind the scenes

  • This mark is only mentioned as a possible answer to a hypothetical question posed during the sorting quiz on Pottermore. Therefore, it is unclear if Merlin actually used this symbol as his mark in historical canon.
  • Oddly, the box that supposedly bears this mark appears to be completely plain other than the lock. It's possible that the mark is merely on a side of the box that is not seen, however.


Study of Ancient Runes
Ancient Runes Made Easy
Professor: Bathsheda Babbling
Textbooks: Advanced Rune Translation · Ancient Runes Made Easy · Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms · Rune Dictionary · Spellman's Syllabary
Known Runes: Acromantula · Demiguise · Ehwaz · Eihwaz · Fwooper · Graphorn · Hydra · Quintaped · Runespoor · Salamander · Unicorn · Unknown · Mark of Merlin

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