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Mark Day (Film Editor) HP5 screenshot

Mark Day, editor of HP5, HP6 and HP7

Mark Day is a BAFTA-winning British film editor.[1] He won two BAFTA Awards for Best Editing for State of Play and Sex Traffic.[2]H e has collaborated with director David Yates on the television dramas Sex Traffic, State of Play and The Girl in the Café and has edited over thirty television films. He has also worked with Yates on a number of Harry Potter films including Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and the two-part epic Deathly Hallows. Day is set to edit an upcoming 2012 film called St Nazaire, which Yates will be directing.

His daughter, Georgia Clarke-Day, is an actress, and made an appearance in Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince as a Hogwarts student.[3][4]

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