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Marcus Belby's father

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"Him and Dad don't get on. Probably because me Dad says potions are rubbish. Says the only potion worth having is a stiff one at the end of the day."
Marcus Belby on his uncle and his father's relationship.[src]

Mr. Belby is the father of Marcus Belby. He did not get along with Marcus' uncle, Damocles, as he did not believe potions a worthwhile subject and as such the two men had little contact.


Notes and references

  1. As his son is such, it is extremely likely he is as well
  2. In Ch. 4 of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, Horace Slughorn states that family members are often Sorted into the same House. This may indicate that Mr.Belby was Sorted into Ravenclaw, as his son Marcus was. However, there are exceptions.
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