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Paul Gallico




Adventures of a ceramic mouse

Manxmouse is a novel written by Paul Gallico, first published in 1968. Subtitled The Mouse Who Knew No Fear, it concerns a sentient mouse-like figurine who has a series of epic adventures.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling praised this novel in a newspaper interview, stating "That's a great book. Gallico manages the fine line between magic and reality so skilfully, to the point where the most fantastic events feel plausible."[2]
  • A creature in this book known as a "Clutterbumph" may have served as in the inspiration for the Boggart in the Harry Potter series. This creature is described as follows: "...something that is not there until one imagines it. And as it is always someone different who will be doing the imagining, no two Clutterbumphs are ever exactly alike. Whatever it is that frightens one the most and that is just about the worst thing one can think of, that is what a Clutterbumph looks like."


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Notes and references

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