Ronald Weasley: "It's taboo, You-Know-Who's name. That's how they track people now."
Harry Potter: "How do you know that?"
Ronald Weasley: "I overheard some bloke at the Ministry talking about it."
— Ron and Harry about this wizard[src]

This individual was a wizard with knowledge of the taboo on Voldemort's name.


Early life/education

Little is known of this man's life; he was born into either a pure-blood or half-blood family[2] sometime in or before 1980[1]. Nothing else is known of that portion of his life.


Sometime in or before 1997, he was employed by the British Ministry of Magic. Sometime that year, Reginald Cattermole overheard the wizard talking about the Taboo curse that had been placed on Voldemort's name[3] Hence, it is possible that he was close to the Voldemort or the Death Eaters, given that otherwise he'd likely be too scared to speak of the curse on the former's name.


Notes and references

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