A Maledictus (plural Maledictuses[1]) was a female individual who was a carrier of a blood curse that would eventually lead her to turn into a beast permanently.[2] The curse was carried from birth and was passed down from mother to daughter.[1] The beast ultimately transformed into could vary based on the curse.[3]

Known Maledictuses

Person Notes
Nagini Turned permanently into a snake because of her affliction.[4]


  • Mal- is a prefix of Latin origin meaning "bad", "wrongful", or "ill". Dictus in Latin means "spoken".[citation needed]
    • Roughly translated, Maledictus could mean "spoken ill of" or "cursed."
    • A malediction is a magical word or phrase used with the intention to cause harm, aka a curse.
    • This term is masculine, though the condition apparently only applies to women.

Behind the scenes

  • Nagini's human form was the first time a Maledictus was mentioned in the wizarding world franchise, though blood-related curses were mentioned before with the case of Astoria Malfoy.
  • A Werewolf is not considered a Maledictus.[1]
  • It's unknown if a Muggle can carry the Maledictus curse. As yet we do not know if Claudia Kim's character is magical or not, as it has not been revealed, and it is possible that muggles as well as magicals may be afflicted.
  • A Maledictus is not destined to be evil.[5]


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