This individual was a Japanese wizard who attended Mahoutokoro School of Magic. He was a skilled potioneer and represented his school at the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship.


Mahoutokoro School of Magic

The Japanese wizard attended Mahoutokoro School of Magic for his education.

Wizarding Schools Potions Championship

The wizard became a skilled potioneer and at age 17 or above competed in the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship for the golden cauldron, where he represented his school, Mahoutokoro. At the start of the championship in the enchanted garden, he headed towards the bridge, hoping to get an early lead. However, while crossing the bridge, he awakened a River Troll. Fortunately, the troll was incapacitated by the Hogwarts potions champion, who used a Shrinking Solution on it.

Physical appearance


The wizard runs past the River Troll underneath the bridge

The wizard was seen wearing his school uniform and had black hair.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Potions: As a skilled potioneer, this potioneer is skilled at making potions.

Behind the scenes

  • This is the first and, thus far, only student of Mahoutokoro introduced throughout the Harry Potter series.