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The mahogany handle of a Nimbus 2000 broom.

Mahogany is a hard, reddish-brown wood. While indigineous to the West Indies, Cuba, and Honduras the trees are now protected due to logging to near extinction. Much of today's Mahogany comes from plantations in the far east. Plantations exist in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Fiji.[1]

Mahogany is used as wand wood by the wandmaker Garrick Ollivander. [2] James Potter's wand was mahogany, and was described by Ollivander as "pliable," "excellent for transfiguration," and having "a little more power" than Lily Evans's wand.[2]

The handle of the Nimbus 2000 broomstick was made of mahogany.


A rare and highly prized wand wood on account of its rich and vivid hue. Mahogany wands are often most at home with a wizard of an energetic disposition and, in the hands of its master, a wand made from this attractive and fiery bright wood is almost invariably found to be an extremely loyal and highly reliable tool.

The mahogany wand is well-reputed for casting powerful curses thereby making it a favourite amongst those with a proclivity towards duelling but also serves to create a wand of an extremely reliable and consistent nature. On account of this property mahogany is often combined with a Dragon heartstring core so as to counter-balance the latter's temperamentality. However the wood also performs exceptionally with both Phoenix feather and Unicorn hair. Alongside its reputation for powerful and consistent curse-casting, mahogany wands have also been found to have a particular aptitude for the complex magic of Transfiguration.    


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