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"Of the Horcrux, wickedest of magical inventions, we shall not speak nor give direction —"
—Excerpt of the introduction of Magick Moste Evile.[src]

Magick Moste Evile is a book written by Godelot that covers Dark magic.


A copy of the book is kept in the Restricted Section of the library of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hermione Granger checked it out in early 1997 in an attempt to gain information on Horcruxes, only to be thoroughly annoyed by its lack of information.[1]


Godelot wrote down this collection of dangerous spells with the help of his wand (says Godelot in his notebook) which he claims is made of Elder (Deathly Hallows believers consider this to be the Elder Wand). This body of work greatly advanced the study of Dark Magic. Horcruxes, however, receive only a brief mention in the book, which does not detail what they really are.


Notes and references

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