A magical megaphone is similar to a Muggle megaphone, however, it is bewitched to amplify the user's voice much more than the Muggle version.

It's popularly used to commentate on Quidditch matches at Hogwarts, but can presumably be used at other types of sporting events as well. It is possible the megaphone has been bewitched with the Sonorus charm, though it is unknown whether the charm can be cast on an object.


c. 1991-1994

Lee Jordan used the megaphone to commentate on the Quidditch matches being played.

In 1993, Minerva McGonagall announced that the final match of the season would be cancelled using a similar, purple megaphone, possibly the same one.


Lee Jordan continued to commentate on the Quidditch matches being played using the megaphone during his final year at Hogwarts.


Zacharias Smith, Jordan's successor, took over his commentating duties once Jordan had left. As Smith was player for Hufflepuff, Luna Lovegood took over instead for at least one game in which Hufflepuff played.


It is unknown whether Quidditch was played during 1997, however, it is likely that, after Lord Voldemort's downfall, Quidditch was continued to be played at Hogwarts and so the magical megaphone presumably came back into use.