The man using a spell to conjure Christmas

This salesman was a temporary salesman in the Magical Menagerie in 1992, as the saleswoman was on a vacation. He was very stingy during morning hours and did not allow people into his shop, however in the afternoon he was willing to give Harry Potter some lacewing flies if he could catch them. In 1992 during winter he used a spell to conjure decorations for Christmas.

Harry was warned of this man's morning grumpiness by a note from Ronald Weasley.

Behind the scenes

  • In the PS1 version of the video game adaption of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the individual is old and will not allow Harry to destroy the crates in the shop, however in the PS2 version he is also very stingy and will not let people inside the Menagerie. In the GBA version Ronald Weasley describes him as miserable and old in a note to Harry that says he should be careful as the salesman would throw those out who sneak around.