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Maggots are the larval forms of some varieties of fly, thought the term is commonly extended to the larva of insects in general. Maggots are not limited to non-magical insects, a certain species of magical giant grub exists. Luna Lovegood also believed in the brain-like Aquavirius Maggots, though it is likely that these do not truly exist.

If the Patronus Charm is attempted to be cast by a Dark or otherwise not pure-hearted wizard, who would otherwise be magically capable of casting one, rather than the intended effect of a spirit guardian bursting forth, a horde of maggots will be conjured from the caster's wand, which will attempt to consume the caster. The first recorded instance of this happening is with the Dark Wizard Raczidian.[1]

For Christmas of 1996, Kreacher sent a package of maggots to his new master Harry Potter as a means to show his contempt towards him.


Notes and references

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