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Sprout and pop

Poppy Pomfrey and Pomona Sprout, who were both referred to as "madam" while working at Hogwarts.

Madam or madame (abbreviated to "Mme") is an honourific used for muggle and magical women alike. It comes from the French word "madame" meaning "my lady".


In general, "madame" is used to show respect, presumably in lieu of qualifications that would allow the usage of the other respectful honourific, "Professor" (though it has been used to refer to known professors also); for example, this applies to Female Ministry of Magic employees like Dolores Umbridge and female members of the non-teaching staff at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like Madames Pince and Pomfrey.

Notable witches who use the title


Honourific titles
Lady · Lord · Professor · Madam · Mr · Mrs · Sir

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