The Mackled Malaclaw is a land creature closely resembling a lobster. The Malaclaw has light grey skin with green spots, and can reach a length of twelve inches. Although it resembles a lobster, it is unfit to eat, and anyone who eats flesh of a Malaclaw will come down with a nasty fever and develop a green rash.

The Malaclaw is found along the rocky coastline of Europe and dines mainly on crustaceans. A bite from a Malaclaw has the unusual side effect of making the victim unlucky for up to a week. Any witch or wizard bitten by a Malaclaw should call off all bets, wagers and ventures since they will definitely go against him.[1]

The tail of the Malaclaw can be used in potions. At the age of fourteen, Zygmunt Budge was capable of correcting his Potions Professor on the use of Mackled Malaclaw tails in potioneering. This, among other signs, made Budge feel he was prepared to enter the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship despite being underage.[2]


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