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The MACUSA Application for Wand Permit was a document required to be filled out by American and visiting wizards and witches who wished to legally possess a wand. Processed in the Wand Permit Office, the form requested personal details such as name, address, MACUSA Identification Number or Alien Registration Number, profession, US address including Owl Mail Code. It also required wand description information such as dimensions, decoration, shape, colour, and type of Wand wood.[1]

Further information required included being left or right handed, wand core, provenience, Wand Registration Number or Runes, and spells most cast in the last 5 months.[2]

On the last page were multiple copies of a wand permit, presumably so they could be sent to the approved applicant and kept on file in the Wand Permit Office's file cabinets.


Notes and referencesEdit

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