M. Carneirus was a business and finance reporter for The New York Ghost in the 1920s.[1][2][3][4] They also sometimes contributed to general news stories.[4]


Business reporting

Carneirus wrote an article about the "medical modes" of famous, wealthy people, which was published in the 1 December 1926 issue.[1] Five days later, in the 6 December sunrise edition, they wrote an article about whether record sales of non-magic broomsticks over Hallowe'en represented an investment opportunity.[3] An article by them about how low potions imports were impacting the value of the Dragot was featured in the 6 December sunset edition.[2] This was followed by a report by them in the 7 December sunset edition about how fear generated by the recent magical attacks in New York was negatively impacting WizTour.[4]

General reporting

Carneirus co-wrote a story with C. Williamsum and R. Amorim about top Aurors being called to New York City Hall to investigate the death of Henry Shaw Junior that was featured on the front page of the 7 December sunset edition of the Ghost.[4]

Behind the scenes


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