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Lycoris Black (19041965) was a pure-blood witch, the middle child of Sirius Black II and his wife Hesper Gamp and sister of Arcturus Black III and Regulus. Lycoris never married and never had children.[1]

Behind the scenes


Lycoris means "twilight" in Greek. This name does not fit into Black family tradition of naming people by stars. It is also a genus of flowering plants in the Amaryllis family that is associated with death and reincarnation in Chinese and Japanese folklore; another member of family with a name of flower is Narcissa Malfoy. Ovid and Virgil also mention a mistress of Mark Antony called Lycoris. It is also possible that this name was derived from the plant and sweet liquorice. The name is also similar to that of Lycorias, a Nereid (sea nymph) of Greek mythology.


Notes and references

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