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Lyall Lupin was a Ministry of Magic employee who was responsible for getting rid of the Screaming Bogey of Strathtully, a Boggart that had fed on the fears of local Muggles to the point that it had become an elephantine black shadow with glowing white eyes, by trapping it in a matchbox.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Lyall may be a relative of Remus Lupin, although this is unconfirmed.


  • "Lyall" may be from a Scottish surname which was derived from the Old Norse given name "Liulfr" (which was derived in part from "úlfr", meaning "wolf"). "Lyall" is also a common surname (most common in America).
  • "Lupin" is derived from "lupus(a)", Latin for "wolf". Lupin thus means "wolf-like" in Latin, and is also the name of a flower. "Canis Lupus" is the scientific name for wolf. To be described as "lupine" means to "resemble a wolf". This alludes to the lycanthropy in the Lupin family.


Notes and references

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