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"It's a lunascope, old boy - no more messing around with moon charts, see?"
—Wizard from Diagon Alley explaining Lunascopes to a fellow diner[src]
A Lunascope is a wooden astronomical instrument invented by Perpetua Fancourt, which shows the phases of the moons. It was created to counter the difficulty of using Moon charts. Albus Dumbledore kept one in his office. Harry Potter chucked it into the fireplace in 1996, lashing out in anger over the death of his godfather, Sirius Black.

Before the start of his third year at Hogwarts, Harry spent some time at the Leaky Cauldron exploring the shops in Diagon Alley and eating under brightly-coloured umbrellas outside cafés, where diners were showing each other their purchases. One diner boasted that he had bought a lunascope, which, it was claimed, removed the need to mess around with moon charts.[1].


Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 3 - The Leaky Cauldron

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