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Lucas Picquery[1] was an American wizard who played as a Beater for the 2014 American National Quidditch team. According to Ludovic Bagman in a report to the Daily Prophet, Beaters Picquery and Pringle would have to "find better form" if they were to best the Brazilian Beaters Santos and Clodoaldo in their semi-final match on 4 July, 2014.[2]

Bagman, however, had spoken too soon.[1] On the first day of the match on 4 July, Picquery sent a Bludger right into the face of the American Keeper Susan Blancheflower, prompting her to leap onto his broomstick to reprimand him, leaving the goal wide open and allowing Alejandra Alonso to score a goal.[1]

During the playoffs for third place against Japan on 9 July, Picquery mostly kept his head down until the end when he stopped his own Seeker for competing against Noriko Sato for the Snitch. Him and Darius Smackhammer were caught in a broom-lock, although they embraced the other team upon landing.


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