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Luca Caruso was a Muggle musician. He collaborated with Alice Tolipan to provide the music for the adapted production of Romeo and Juliet that was staged at the Regency Playhouse in the summer of 1997.[1]


As a male given name, Luca is the Italian and Romanian form of Luke, an English form of the Greek name Loukas, meaning "from Lucania."[2][3] Lucania was an ancient region of Southern Italy extending from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Gulf of Taranto.[4]

Caruso is an Italian surname derived from the Italian word caruso, "close-cropped," itself from the Latin cariosus, "smooth" or "bald."[5] The word took on the broader meaning of "boy" in Italian, since, during the Middle Ages, when most men wore their hair longer, it was fashionable for young men to keep theirs short.[5] Caruso also became an occupational name for sulphur pit workers in the Girgenti region of Sicily because their job required short hair.[5]

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Notes and referencesEdit

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