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The Love Potion Antidote is a potion that cures the symptoms of the Love Potion. It is described as a clear liquid. Horace Slughorn brewed some for Ron Weasley on 1 March, 1997 when he unintentionally ate some Chocolate Cauldrons spiked with Love Potion by Romilda Vane, which had fallen off of Harry Potter's bed and were mistaken by Ron as one of his birthday presents[1]. The ingredients used to brew the Love Potion Antidote include Wiggentree twigs, castor oil, and the extract of a Gurdyroot[2].

Behind the scenes

  • The potion is clear in the books, but on the film versions the antidote is of a bright red colour. Yet, on the video games the potion is pink.
  • Although a love potion's effects will eventually wear off on their own, this antidote can be used as an expedient alternative.
  • A Hate Potion can also cancel out a Love Potion's effects, and vice versa.
  • It is unknown if each type of Love Potion has its own specific antidote, or all varieties can be cancelled out by one antidote.


Notes and references

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