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(He was born after the end of the battle in the hogwarts, that's when Luna married Rolf years later on. Therefore, Rolf can't be mentioned in the deathly hallows battle scene.)
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[[Category:21st century births|Scamander Lorcan]]
[[Category:21st century births|Scamander Lorcan]]
[[Category:Lovegood family]]
[[Category:Lovegood family]]
[[Category:Individuals with unknown blood status]]

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Lorcan Scamander was one of the twins born to Luna Scamander (née Lovegood) and Rolf Scamander. He has a twin brother named Lysander.[2]


Lorcan means "fierce one" in Gaelic. Lorcan d'Eath is the part-vampire heartthrob singer who enjoyed 19 weeks at #1 for his hit song 'Necks to You'; also featured as Wizard of the Month in November 2006. Lorcan is also a common name for either a werewolf or vampire in fantasy novels and films.


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  1. Both of Lorcan's parents were from wizarding families, but is unknown whether they were pure-bloods or half-bloods.
  2. Times Online - The Unwritten Story of Harry's Friends and Their Children

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