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{{Spell infobox
#REDIRECT [[Locomotion Charm]]
|effect=Levitates and moves an object
{{quote|...'Locomotor trunk.' Harry's trunk rose a few inches into the air. Holding her wand like a conductor's baton, Tonks made the trunk hover across the room and out the door ahead of them...|Tonks's use on Harry's trunk|Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix}}
'''Locomotor''' is a [[charm]] which enchants an object or creature, causing them to move where the [[Wizards|spellcaster]] wishes.
To use this charm, you must first say the incantation, and then whatever it is that you are trying to move, for example, "Locomotor Trunk".
==Known uses==
*[[Fred and George Weasley]] used this charm to move school trunks several times, knocking Ginny down the stairs at one point.
*[[Nymphadora Tonks]] also used this spell in [[1995]] to take Harry's belongings downstairs in [[4 Privet Drive]] while assisting in Harry's rescue, as a member of the [[Advance Guard]].
*[[Filius Flitwick]] used Locomotor trunks to move [[Sybill Trelawney]]'s belongings back up the main staircase, back to her lodgings in [[Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry|Hogwarts]], following [[Hogwarts High Inquisitor|High Inquisitor]] [[Dolores Umbridge]]'s attempt to sack Professor Trelawney.
*Variations of the spell can also be used in combat: for example, [[Minerva McGonagall]] used [[Piertotum Locomotor]] to animate statues and [[Suit of armour|suits of armour]], sending them into the [[Battle of Hogwarts]].
*This may be the spell which moves the [[Hogwarts boats]] when carrying [[First year]] students to the [[Hogwarts Castle|castle]]. Likewise, Rubeus Hagrid may have used it on the boat that he and Harry used to leave the Hut-On-the-Rock
*This may be the spell that Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil used to race their pencil cases before the [[O.W.L.]]s.
"Loco" is Latin for "place". "Moto" is Latin for "to move".
*''[[Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix]] ''{{1st}}
*''[[Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows]]'' {{Comment|As [[Piertotum Locomotor]]}}
*''[[Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2]]'' {{Comment|As [[Piertotum Locomotor]]}}
*''[[Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (video game)]]'' {{Comment|As [[Piertotum Locomotor]]}}
==See also==
*[[Piertotum Locomotor]]

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