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List of Harry Potter unofficial guidebooks

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Hidden myths...

The Hidden Myths in Harry Potter: Spellbinding Map and Book of Secrets by David Colbert

There have been many unofficial guidebooks written about the world of Harry Potter, its characters, its author, and the series in general. A fair number of these can be hard to find, and some of the others are only available digitally. Religious/Christian content can be found in some of the books outside of the religious section.

Essays and Literary Critiques

These include book analysis, studies, theories, philosophy, essay compilations, and literary criticisms.

Guides, Folklore, Mythology

Guides and facts based in the book series. Includes encyclopedic books.

Franchise and Fandom

Books based on the sucess of the actual series, franchise, and fandom.

Trivia, Fun, Cooking, and Crafts

Guides to Merchindise and Collectibles


Leadership and Business





Mental Health and Psychology



J. K. Rowling

Foreign Language

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