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"If a person steps in this mist they immediately find that UP and DOWN have switched places and they are REVERSED, hanging precariously in a LIMBO MIST."
Dolores Umbridge's "Ministry-approved text" on Limbo Mist[src]

Limbo Mist[1] is an odd-looking golden mist that floats a few feet above the ground. When stepping into it, the mist appeared to reverse the effects of gravity. Individuals caught up in the mist felt that they were hanging upside down from the ground. If the individual could keep a cool head and walk through the mist, then the effects were reversed upon exiting the mist.[2] Limbo Mist was covered on the fifth year Ministry of Magic-approved Defence Against the Dark Arts course.[1]

Limbo Mist was as an obstacle in the Hedge Maze during the Third Task of the 1994 Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter successfully passed this obstacle.[2]

There exists an anticharm for this mist.


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