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Harry Potter: "Do you know any flowers ghosts like?"
Rubeus Hagrid: "Seems to me they're partial to lilies. Tha's why you see 'em at funerals so much."
— Harry Potter asks Rubeus Hagrid how to cheer up a ghost[src]

The lily is a type of plant that grows from bulbs and sprouts large flowers.[1] According to Rubeus Hagrid, ghosts tend to generally like lilies, which led to them being used during funerals. Minerva McGonagall also had a fondness for the flower, and kept one in a vase in her office. Hagrid refused to grow them in his garden, as they attracted large slugs.[2]

When Lily Evans first presented Horace Slughorn with the fish Francis, she Transfigured her into a lily petal, set the petal to float inside a bowl filled with very little water in it, and left the presentation for Slughorn to find.

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