"The first Divination lesson of the new term was much less fun; Professor Trelawney was now teaching them palmistry, and she lost no time in informing Harry that he had the shortest life line she had ever seen."

The life line is a specific crease on the palm of a person's hand which serves as an indicator in the art of palmistry.[1] It is primarily used to ascertain how long a person will live.[1][2]

In 1994, when Professor Sybill Trelawney began to teach her third year Divination students about the art of Palmistry, she informed Harry Potter at once that his life lines were the shortest she had ever seen.[1] Two years later, when Harry Potter sat his O.W.L. exam, he mixed up this and the head line, and told Professor Griselda Marchbanks, the examiner, that she ought to have died the previous Tuesday.[2]


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