"Oh, Harry, do feel free to indulge in a little Licorice Snap in my absence. But I have to warn you, they're a wee bit sharp."
Albus Dumbledore offers some Licorice Snaps to Harry Potter[src]

Licorice Snaps[1] are magical sweets that will bite anyone who picks them up. Albus Dumbledore kept a bowl of these sweets in his office and offered some to Harry Potter in 1995, warning that they were "a wee bit sharp." Harry helped himself to a great handful, resulting in the sweets biting his hand. It is not known if they still bite before they are chewed. The resulting attack from the sweets were also responsible for Harry discovering the Pensieve due to him being knocked back into the area containing it and knocking the doors open.

They are jet black in colour, like most liquorice, and look a bit like leeches. They are about three to four centimetres long and make a squealing sound. They also have a set of sharp teeth, a tongue and do not look like liquorice from the inside (looks like a living being's mouth).

Licorice Snap attacks

A Licorice Snap attacks


Notes and references

  1. The name of this sweet appears as "Licorice Snap" in the subtitles on the Goblet of Fire DVD.
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