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"That one had a great vogue at my time at Hogwarts. There were a couple of months where you couldn't move without being hoisted into the air by your ankle."
Remus Lupin about Levicorpus[src]

Levicorpus is the incantation of a Jinx seemingly invented by Severus Snape under the nickname of the Half-Blood Prince in his Potions book. It causes a victim to be hoisted into the air and dangle upside-down, and is intended to be performed nonverbally. The Counter-jinx is Liberacorpus. Given its use in duelling and in the Lestranges' vault in Gringotts, the spell and its counter-jinx have the same effect if cast non-verbally as well as spoken aloud.

Known uses

"Tomorrow, I'd rather you set the alarm clock"
Ron Weasley to Harry Potter after Harry unintentionally uses this spell on him and hoists Ron out of bed by the ankle[src]
Caster(s) Victim(s) Notes
James Potter Severus Snape James Potter hung Severus Snape in the air to embarrass him in front of his classmates in their fifth year, after taking their O.W.L.S.[1]
Death Eaters Muggles This was likely the spell used by Death Eaters to levitate and humiliate Muggles during the riot at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.[2]
Harry Potter Ron Weasley (unintentionally) Harry finds the spell written in the Half-Blood Prince's textbook during his sixth year. He tries it without knowing what it is and accidentally wakes up Ron by levitating him up into the air. He later uses it intentionally when Ron attacked him due to the effects of a love potion. [3]
Harry Potter (failed attempt) Draco Malfoy Harry attempted to use it on Draco Malfoy during their duel in a bathroom, but Draco blocked it.[3]
Harry Potter (failed attempt) Severus Snape During the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, Harry attempted to use this spell against Severus Snape as he fled from Hogwarts, but Snape blocked it.[3]
Lord Voldemort Charity Burbage Lord Voldemort suspended Professor Charity Burbage upside down in the air above a table in Malfoy Manor in 1997, possibly using this spell to do so.[4]
Hermione Granger Harry Potter In 1998, Hermione Granger used it (saying the spell verbally) on Harry Potter so that Harry could reach Helga Hufflepuff's Cup in the Lestrange Vault when she, Harry, and Ron broke into Gringotts.[4]

Known practitioners

Behind the scenes


The spell's name comes from the Latin words "levare", meaning "to raise", and "corpus", meaning "body".


Notes and references

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