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"She's a taker. You need a giver."
—Queenie Goldstein to Scamander, regarding his former relationship with Leta.[src]

Leta Lestrange[4] was a witch who, sometime between 1908 to 1916, had a "close relationship" with Newton Scamander while they were both students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, due to their mutual, outcast nature and love of studying magical creatures. One of Leta's experiments went wrong, endangering the life of another student. Rather than see his friend expelled, Newt took the blame and was expelled in her place.[5][6] This left him bitter, but still much in love with Leta.[7] Scamander kept a framed picture of her within his workshed during his travels to New York in late 1926.

When Queenie Goldstein was using Legilimency on Newt, she noted that Leta was "a taker" in their relationship.

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

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