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"I found some sucked-on lemons in a paper bag marked "Lunch". Might have known."
Ronald Weasley searching Severus Snape's private stores.[src]

A lemon is a fruit with juice that is very acidic. Severus Snape kept sucked-on lemons in a paper bag marked "Lunch" in his storeroom.[1]

There are also numerous Wizard and Muggle sweets and confections that are lemon-flavoured, such as sherbet lemon.

The Luchino Caffe serves a lemon drizzle cake.

Behind the scenes

  • This fruit makes an appearance in the GBC version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, in which it is implied Snape has been sucking them, as a joke on Snape's sourness and lack of nutrition. Alternatively, the lemons might have been potion ingredients which were stored in a spare lunch bag.

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